Mental Health and Substance Misuse Counseling

The Rev. Tom Webster, a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist, provides free assessments of mental health disorders (including depression, grief, and anxiety), substance use disorders and free substance misuse counseling.  
Rev. Webster was ordained an Anglican/Episcopal minister in 1994 in Canada. He moved to Wilson 16 years ago, when his wife, Jane, accepted an offer as a professor in the Religious Studies Department at Barton College. Since coming to Wilson, Rev. Webster has served in a number of medium and small sized Episcopal churches.  He was granted an extension to ordained ministry for his counselling work in 2007.  Retiring from full-time work in 2015, he continues to do Sunday supply duty in English and Spanish speaking Episcopal churches. 
Having provided counseling for substance misuse since 2007, Rev. Webster has the proven experience to help those in need of substance misuse treatment.  Rev. Webster will be offering these services from 12 pm to 5 pm Monday to Friday and Tuesday to Thursday evenings from 7 to 10 pm.  

You can contact Rev. Webster at 252-363-7042 for a free assessment appointment.  Any further sessions with him will also be free.