Church Officers and Committee Members

2018 Committee Members and Church Officers


Administrative Council

Chair:  Chuck Finklea

SPRC Co-Chairs:  Donna Carr and Toni McKeel

Finance Chair:  Gary Mills

Treasurer: Bill Baker

Trustee Chair:  Roger Luther

Missions Outreach C0-Chairs:  Pam Bennett and Jane Jernigan

Worship Committee Chair:  Hans Hess

Children and Youth Director:  Lori Snyder

UMM President:  Dave Allgood

UMW Co-Presidents:  Gay Manning and Laura Whitehead

Historian:  Tempie Dillard

Sunday School Superintendent:  Chris Hardee

Lay Leader:  Norm King

Lay Member to AC:  Jane Jernigan

At-Large Members:  2018-Ann Lewis Cooper;  2019-Jim Bass


Lay Leadership/Nominations Committee

2018:  Cynthia Finklea; Bill Baker; Hillie Luckett

2019:  Wendy Parker; Ruth Price

2020: Ruby Johnson; Mike McKeel

Lay Leader:  Norm King ('18)

Chair:  Pastor (Tuck Taylor)


Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)

2018:  Donna Carr (Co-Chair); Toni McKeel (Co-Chair); Bill McClure;

2019:  Kevin Woods; Wayburn Mills; Jim Howard

2020:  Ruth Price; Edna Earle Raper; Dave Allgood

Lay Member to AC:  Jane Jernigan ('19)

Lay Leader:  Norm King ('18)


Finance Committee:

2018: Jane Albritton

2019: Bill Baker (Treasurer); Peggy Peacock

2020: Gary Mills (Chair); Jerry Manning

Adm Council Chair:  Chuck Finklea 

SPRC Chairs:  Toni McKeel/Donna Carr

Trustee Chair:  Roger Luther

Lay Leader: Norm King ('18)

Lay Member to AC:  Jane Jernigan ('19)


Board of Trustees

2018:  Louis Williford; Tom High; Roger Luther (Chair)

2019: Kari McCollough; Teresa Roberts;

2020: Kenneth Kelly; Robby Parker; Jenny Lou Dees;

Lay Leader:  Norm King (’18)


Ministry Team

Linda Proseus (Chair)

Pam Bennett

Laura Whitehead

Alison Howard

Dave Allgood

Fay Agar

Norm King

Jim Bass

Lori Snyder


Outreach Team

Co-Chairs:  Jane Jernigan and Pam Bennett


Worship Committee

Pastor, Tuck Taylor

Music Director,

Accompanist, Cory Whaley

Children/Youth Dir., Lori Snyder

Susan Beker

Laura Blackman

Charlie Mazza

Hans Hess (Chair)

JoAnn Bushong

Fay Agar

Dave Allgood

Carolin Luckett

Bill McGowan